Monday, April 03, 2006


Nope... I'm not suggesting that we are going to stop spoiling our little girl. It's the other way around - Elaina stopped spoiling us last night ! We have been blessed with a baby who has slept through the night since she was 5 weeks old. Last night was a different story. She had only napped for a combined total of an hour yesterday and bedtime was an hour later. Taking into account daylight savings time as we "sprung ahead" one hour, we thought there would be some adjustment time, but didn't count on 4 "get-ups" in the middle of the night ! Eric was up with her 3 times (he claims) before 3 a.m. and finally it was my turn and I knew the only thing to end her fussies once and for all was to just put her into bed with us. While I don't believe in the "family -bed" , we all needed some sleep. She managed to cuddle up as I stroked her arm and patted her gently. And then it was a peaceful rest for all of us for another 3 hours until that darn alarm had to go off ! Ugh.

So, I'm guessing that Elaina has slept away the day at the babysitter's house and we'll see what comes our way tonight ! As we have been rested in the past, we got a feel for what our lives could be like if Elaina didn't spoil us !

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