Friday, April 28, 2006

Talkin' Turkey !

This morning Elaina woke up an hour earlier than usual, so rather than staying up with her, of course, I opted for some cuddle time in my bed with her. This morning, however, she wasn't particularly cuddly. She was snotty. She was stuffy. She was restless. Was she getting another cold already ?

We peeled ourselves out from bed and as I put her in her crib to take a shower, she sneezed and the green evidence that shot from her nose was enough to confirm that she was, in fact, getting another cold. Crap. Fast forward.... Because Eric was in the woods turkey hunting, I wasn't able to reach him and was thinking I would have to leave Elaina with the sitter just for a few hours until Eric got home. The one and only day that I actually had to be at work for a meeting in the morning ! Amazingly, he walked in the door just as I was getting ready to feed our girl. He had gotten a turkey ! A big one ! His day of hunting was over and he was able to stay home with Sickly for the morning and I would be with her in the afternoon. I have to say that I love having a job that I can be off whenever necessary - and the world will go on without me being at my desk !

It turns out that Elaina is getting yet another new tooth and it always makes it's presence known with cold symptoms. Poor girl. I know it could be worse though. Elaina's morning was spent with her dad as they went to "tag in" dad's 22 pound bird - that's bigger than Elaina ! I had second shift with her as Eric had to be at work in the afternoon, so we played and watched cartoons. Not nearly as exciting as taggin' a turkey ! How could I compete with that ?

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