Monday, April 24, 2006

Shoe Love

It seems as though Elaina is following in my footsteps. Literally. We both have a love of shoes !

Tonight I dug through her basket ‘o shoes to weed out the ones that she has outgrown. Hmm... let’s see, Elaina is 9 months old and has 10 pairs of shoes ! What a lucky girl ! As I pulled 4 pair out that no longer fit, she kidnaped them. She put her hands in them and "drove" herself around on the floor. Once she got across the room, she left those shoes there, hidden under her night stand, only to come back for more ! Okay, I get the hint - she wants to keep them.

At this point of the story, I can only bet that my mom is sitting in her chair laughing her head off, remembering my story and my "bluey shoes." Same scenario, my mom was throwing out my shoes which no longer fit me. This included my favorite pair of blue loafers with a mallard duck where a penny insert would be. I wore them with everything, all of the time - they were my favorite ! I wore them so much that a hole in the sole was growing so thin that my feet were getting wet when I walked near rain puddles. Apparently, my mom thought it was time for these to go. OH NO ! I thought otherwise. I remember putting them on my feet (of course to make it harder for her to confiscate them) and fighting her off. They were my "bluey shoes" and I was going to keep them.

My mom did eventually win this battle and we went shoe shopping to restore peace in the home. Did I happen to mention that I wasn’t quite Elaina’s age ? Oh yeah, I was more like 8 or 10. What can I say, I love my shoes ! I am so proud of my little girl ! And she’s only just begun !

As if she couldn't be any more funny... I tried to distract her from the whole shoe issue with some books while I finished what I had to do. Shortly after, she came back to inspect my work. She stood up and proceeded to pull every shoe from her basket, tasting each one before throwing it on the floor. You have to wonder what goes through this little girl's mind. It's as if she was showing her appreciation and love of her remaining shoes with a gentle lick. Those are keepers for sure !
Next time I sort shoes, I'll be more careful to have her out of the room while I do the dirty deed. I wouldn't want my daughter to suffer the same shoe - trauma as my mother put me through.

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Mom said...

Talk about shoe trauma/drama. I had to fight to get the first "bluey" shoes on your feet. (You were 3 and they weren't baby white.)Once I finally convinced you to wear them, you wouldn't let me get rid of them even when they were so small they were hurting your feet. Finally I got so mad that I carried them to the trash can with you screaming and crying at me. Of course you managed to get a new pair of "bluey" shoes when you were 13 . You wore them even when there were holes in the soles. I think you finally got rid of them when you moved to Akron.