Thursday, April 13, 2006

Fun in Disguise

After a short absence, I'm finally getting back on track with some stories and more updates of our Stinkerbell. Sunday was a day of full- blown germs in our house and a restless night for all. Eric and I shared the day at home with Elaina on Monday as I took care of my job duties in the morning in preparation for being off work in the afternoon and Tuesday. Tuesday rolled into Wednesday with another day off from work . And after 2 consecutive nights of sleeping with our little Snot-nosed-child, it was inevitable that I caught her cold. Verdict : I like staying home with my favorite girl ! In sickness and in health - she's an angel and she is so much fun. By Tuesday afternoon, we both needed some fresh air so we hitched up Keegan and loaded the baby in the stroller and went for a walk. Since we live across the street from the park, the playground would be our first stop. The air was warm with just a slight hint of a cool breeze and Elaina's hoodie was a must. I snapped her little pink jacket with her hood on her head and, Elaina on my lap, we sat down for her first ride on the swing set. She was quiet at first as we picked up speed and then I managed to peek around to see a contented smile across her face. We then moved to a bucket swing for a solo ride. She wasn't sure how she got there without me attached, but as I held her hands and swung her more, she decided that swinging was for her ! I gradually was able to let go and push her faster as she clapped her hands and smiled with delight ! That's my big girl - I was so proud ! She enjoyed watching Keegan down below as he munched (and puked) on a grassy buffet. I promised her that we would come back often and invite dad and her grandparents along this weekend to share in the fun.

By Tuesday evening, I was on the fence about taking Elaina to the babysitter's house for the next day. She seemed to be feeling better and was able to eat and sleep better too. As I called to speak with Nancy (Elaina's sitter) I ended up speaking with her husband who reminded me that Nancy's dad had just ad open-heart surgery that day. That was a deal breaker - if Elaina was any bit contagious , I wouldn't allow her around Nancy so as to avoid passing anything to her father. Really, I didn't need much more convincing to have another day at home with my girl !

On Wednesday, I learned that Elaina's favorite cartoons are on the "Noggin" network with "Maisy" being the best of all. We played, read books and she bounced on her knees as we listened to her favorite CD's. She tasted and gagged herself on her first Arrowroot cookie and frightened her mom. Eric was able to peek inside her gaping smile to count FOUR teeth coming in at the top ! All eye-teeth. She may look like a little vampire for a while ! And she enjoyed a bath every night this week to get the dried snot and day's dirt off of her ! Who wants to go back to work ? Not me !!

2 Welcome Comments:

LAURA'S MOM said...

Laura, Did you know that your top teeth came in exactly the same way that you just described Elaina's teeth coming in? She is so made especially for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Laura's mom,

While we're on the topic of similarities, wasn't Laura's first word "no," too?

--Laura's brother