Monday, April 17, 2006

Getting Down With Dad

Tonight I blew off all responsibility and time I wanted to be with my daughter to get my hair done. I have been neglecting my coiffe for some time and then my stylist changed locations making it further for me to drive to see her. It's been long overdue and tonight was the night. The one and only intermission was to stop by JCPenney and pick up Elaina's long awaited pictures. Going in, I knew they would be offering me some bonus sheets of varying sizes and poses and had previously proclaimed to Eric that I would be strong and that we had already ordered plenty. They broke me down !!! Oh... the pictures were too cute ! They had done an 8x10 in an antiqued black and white (sepia) and they offered different sizes per sheet that aren't available when you place your order. Call me a sucker, but how could I just leave pictures of our little beauty at the store ? That will be $15.98. Thank You !

So, back to the new do. Aside from anything baby related, the feeling of having someone else tossle and do my hair is top notch. Apparently, my mom went overboard stroking my hair when I was younger and I have grown to love that feeling. It was nice to be on the receiving end of some pampering and I was like butter. After 2 hours of showing off baby pictures and a cut and highlights, I was on my way home to play with my own little girl's hair.

While I was away, Elaina and her dad had shared an evening of quality playtime together. Here are some examples of the things that Eric has been teaching Elaina... she can crawl to the 6th step on the stairs before she begins to get scared not knowing what to do next, she will crawl up Eric's legs as he is in a standing position and he will allow her to flip back down onto the floor, he has taught her how to fake-cough as she thinks that this is entirely funny and she has probably tasted her fair share of dust, dirt and dog hair as he allows her to crawl to the far stretches of the house that don't receive a good amount of attention when it comes to cleaning.

Tonight, at home, I discovered them upstairs playing in Elaina's room, interrupting Elaina reading a book to her dad. Eric reported that they had much fun together and mommy can go do mommy- things whenever she wants. Well, it seems as though the things that makes this mommy happiest is just what awaits her at home each night !

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