Friday, April 14, 2006

Waiting and Anticipating...

There are few things on this earth that are better than walking in the door and having the sweetest baby ever flash you a big smile and crawl to you as fast as she can for you to give her a big hug ! That's the best medicine to cure any stress or problem in your life that may have occurred in the hours leading up to her warm embrace ! I love coming home to my family ! (Eric gives good hugs too ! )

I was not the only one Elaina was looking forward to seeing come through the door tonight - Grandma & Grandpa H. were on their way to visit for the weekend. I put Keegan and Elaina on high-alert to stand guard at the door awaiting their arrival. Once they finally pulled up, Keegan couldn't get out the door fast enough - he knows who spoils him most ! Elaina and I greeted them in the driveway and she studied Grandma's face first, knowing that she recognized her voice from the phone and she seemed pretty nice. She went to her easily for a warm hug. Grandpa was waiting in the wings to give his granddaughter some smooches and hugs too. We spent the evening at home playing with our favorite girl and bragging about her daily antics.

What a day ! On Sunday we will play the waiting game again as we look forward to Grandma & Grandpa W. joining us on Easter Day !

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