Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter !

What a beautiful day from beginning to end today ! The sun was shining, the air was warm and both sets of grandparents joined us in celebrating Elaina's first Easter.

Funny how a 19 pound girl can be so full of charm ! It's true, when Elaina smiles, her whole face just sparkles and it's every bit contagious. She charmed the socks off of her grandparents with her flirty smiles and plenty of giggles and wiggles. It was the perfect day to wear her pink, velvet Easter dress with a bunny on the front. She was simply adorable from top to bottom.

We all enjoyed a great meal together on the china place settings given to me by my grandmother. Having my grandparents here would have been the only thing to have made this day any better. After dinner was the perfect opportunity to snap some great pictures of Elaina and her grandparents and Elaina with her 3 Easter baskets. She got really involved in checking out the goodies stashed in her baskets. She couldn't let go of the new packaged binkies and some new hair ties that made a fun clinking noise. G&G W. bought her a lavender polka dot bikini and a very sweet summer outfit with a matching bucket hat ! Too cute ! G&GH. bought Elaina a Longaberger Easter baskets to stash her treasures for years to come. ( Grandma also brought a bag of clothes she bought on ebay - her latest winter hobby ! ) Her practical parents - I mean the Easter bunny - filled her baskets with new teethers, binkies, shoes, barretts and some other little goodies. Even her babysitter got in on the spoiling, as she brought over a basket with a new summer outfit and some biter biscuits and Zwieback toast - yum !

We rounded out a great visit together by taking a walk to the cemetary to place some flowers with Elaina's sisters, Ella and Ava. It's heartbreaking each time but having the support of our families, provides extra strength and meaning. Happy Easter to each of our sweet girls !

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Kate said...

That is the CUTEST Easter picture EVER. We need to put that one in a frame. It's a good thing she's 2.5 hours away or she'd hate her Aunt Kate's thousand kisses all over those sweet cheeks!