Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Are you kidding me ?

This has been one crazy week ! Honestly, I don't know where the time went. Eric and I have both been keeping busy right along with our busy girl. As I picked Elaina up at the babysitter's house this evening, I had the most interesting talk with Nancy (Elaina's sitter) about our angelic little sweetheart. Don't get me wrong, Nancy and her whole family love Elaina, but boy, did she have some stories to share. It was a great opportunity as we both had time to spare and Elaina is ever- changing. So here's some of the scoop I got on my girl.
Elaina will hold onto the sides of the pack'n'play to walk around the perimeter at Nancy's but will scream her little head off with any attempt to be placed inside for longer than a minute. Are you kidding me ? At home, she'll sit in hers to play and take naps. Elaina gets very jealous of the other infant girl, Delaney, that Nancy watches too. She cries and wants to be held at exactly the time that Delaney gets her bottle. In fact, Elaina was investigating one of the baby's bottles and crawled over and popped the baby on the head with it ! Are you kidding me ? (Nancy assured me that it was just an accident.) And finally, Elaina, who generally loves just about about everyone, gets very strange when Nancy's grown son, Andrew, holds her. She cries and makes a severe pout face. Nancy told me that it hurts Andrew's feelings because he likes Elaina so well. Andrew is awefully cute too - Elaina, what's going on ? Is my child the day care bully ? Are you kidding me ?

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