Friday, May 19, 2006

Hi New Tooth !

This title holds 2 meanings. I'll confess that I am not the best up-to-the-minute reporter. For the past week, Elaina has been working on pushing her second front tooth through. When this tooth finally makes it's grand appearance, she'll have a full toothy smile with 4 top teeth and 3 on the bottom. Just in time for her to eat her birthday cake in July !

Also, I neglected to report another cute trick that Elaina has learned. She has been waiving to herself - sorta like a little "Hi" to herself. The other day when Eric was mowing the lawn, she flirted with him with a continuous wave until he returned her greeting. Upon seeing his wave to her, she began waving back to herself - just like Daddy did. I do believe that was the most enjoyable time Eric has ever spent mowing the lawn. She had us both laughing !

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