Wednesday, May 24, 2006

On your Feet !

Today when I came home, Eric and Elaina were playing outside in our driveway. She was half walking and half holding onto the brick retaining wall. She was amazing me ! (and Eric too ! ) I really think that she is so close to just taking off and becoming a full-fledged walker any day now. After all, she became a champion crawler in all of one week and pulling herself up onto everything along the way.

I have discovered that she does much better walking when it's on her terms. ( Oh - she is so much like me !! ) With too much encouragement, she becomes distracted and plops to the ground to crawl faster to her target. I think that her maximum step count (in a row) has reached 10 at this point. I love watching her face with her look of determination and concentration of walking and focussing on her mark at the same time. Any day now ....

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