Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Laundry day

Do you know what I like? I like yellow sleepers. Yellow baby shirts. And yellow bibs.

Wanna know why?

They hide nasty formula spit-up. Makes spot-treating laundry a whole lot simpler.

Now if I can only convince myself to think for a moment that I would be okay with Lincoln dressed in yellow all day, every day.

Can't see it happening.

4 Welcome Comments:

Kate said...

Too funny-- I just titled my post the same thing before i saw yours!!! Tee hee. Guess it's national laundry day!

Heather said...

Yellow happens to be my favorite color in the whole world! Go ahead cover Lincoln in yellow from head to toe - and send me the pictures! :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear L., This is why you and your brother wore dark blue and red when you were babies -- it didn't show the stains, spit-up or otherwise. Grandma H.

Kelsey said...

Harper's favorite color is yellow -- so she would certainly approve of an all yellow wardrobe! It was fun to get back from vacation and catch up on your blog.