Sunday, August 27, 2006


So you'd be inclined to think that I was finished talking about babysitting in yesterday's post, right ? And doesn't it bother you (like it does me) when parents say they have to stay home to "babysit" their own children ?

Well, I used the title, "Babysitting" for today's post because that is all I did today - sat with my baby. We rocked, we read books, we watched cartoons, we slept - not a typical day. Elaina is sick. A sick that I really can't explain, I'm going to have to put it under the symptom category that she is teething and she is on dental-protrusion-overload. How's that ?

Elaina was good all of yesterday yet, in the evening, refused to eat any dinner and was overly tired. This morning, she woke up and shot snot from her nose with each sneeze and refused to eat breakfast. I began to detect that we weren't going to have the best of days. Wanting to make her comforatable and content, I made a little nest for us on the sofa with a giant stack of books to read to her. She snuggled in with me and somewhere in the middle of our third book, she leaned forward and sat back up and hurled vomit of curdled milk everywhere. Twice. ( I should have put a disclaimer on the gross content at the top. That's all - no more gross from here on. ) Elaina began to cry and I cuddled her tight and took off her jammies and threw everything into the wash. Thank God (and Mom) for a slipcovered ottoman ! She settled down in a warm bath and fell asleep immediately afterward.

The rest of our day I spent sitting with Elaina. She was the most cuddly, huggy, close child you could ever want. She barely left my side or my lap, or my hip. Can't say that I had a problem with that ... 7 hours of hugging my baby; I just wished she would have felt better. I kept her loaded with Tylenol for the majority of the day since she had been running a fever and I could tell minute by minute as it began to lose effectiveness.

Daddy came home today about 4:00 from the NASCAR race in Bristol and was anxious to see his girls. Elaina welcomed him home with a big hug and rested her head on his shoulder. For the majority of the day, she refused to eat and shoved food right back at me. After daddy had been home for a while, Elaina picked up a slight interest in eating. I was pleased that she drank a fair amount of Pedailyte with a hint of apple juice for flavor throughout the day and had consistant wet diapers. She went to bed easily and I hope that she's all better by morning ! She'll still have plenty of hugs waiting for her without being sick !

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Kate said...

I love this picture. What a sweetums!