Monday, August 07, 2006

Have you seen the maid ?

Me either !!

I don't do this often because I feel guilty every time, but I took the day off work and stayed home to get some deep cleaning done around the house while I took Elaina to the babysitter's. Oh yeah ... and I just really needed some time away from work ! Cleaning is an outlet for me and I have an end result that we can all be happy with - a clean house !

I scrubbed, I scoured, I washed, I folded, I ironed, I bleached, I swept, and the list goes on .... BORING ! No need for any more details, you get the picture ... I cleaned.

In my opinion, taking Elaina to the babysitter's house while I'm at home kinda stinks. On the other hand, having a house full of stinky cleaning chemicals and a baby is no good either. Also, if I spread out my cleaning duties over a period of time, nothing is very thorough and I'm exhausted and no fun for a one year old.

So, it looks as though my entry tonight was all about justification. Guilt and justification. I am pleased that my house is about 10 pounds lighter without the amount of grub I cleaned from it and I am pleased that Elaina has a better space to play in and I had energy for some fun by the time she got home.

The down side of this whole story ... I concentrated my time on the upstairs rooms and I swear I could use another two days to tear into the amount of cleaning I could do downstairs ! Oh... if I only had a maid !

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