Tuesday, August 08, 2006


** Our "Bathing Beauty" **
Becky - this one's for you !! Elaina's hair is getting so long that her mohawk fell into a giant swoop !!

There's not so much to report on today's activities so I'm just going to write a love story instead. The love story is about a mommy and a daddy who fall in love with a healthy, perfect angel who has changed mommy and daddy's lives in the best way possible. The little angel, we'll call her Elaina, is everything mommy and daddy had ever dreamed of and more. She is an absolute delight and a reason to smile every single day. The only thing that could have made mommy and daddy's life better would be 3 of Elaina ! In this mommy's opinion, she is every bit incredible and nothing short of a miracle in our lives.

With her sparkling eyes and her glowing smile, I just know that this is the angel that God had custom made for us. Although I didn't carry her in my womb, it's a different kind of special bonding because we are so connected, yet we started out as strangers. God knew what He was doing as HE always does. This is our baby and has been from the beginning. When I was pregnant with Ava and we found out that she wasn't going to be especially healthy, that was the time that Elaina was being conceived by her natural parents. Conceived from God. I am a believer and know that Elaina had been ours from the very beginning. Lucky for her, she had not yet been sent to earth when Ava became an angel. Elaina has the opportunity to play with her sisters in heaven and Ava and Ella told Elaina about how much their mommy and daddy wanted to love her when she made it to earth. There's not a single minute that ever goes by that I don't feel like the most blessed mommy in the entire world. Even when Elaina is getting into every single thing in the house or creating toilet paper banners throughout the house from the bathroom, I am amazed by her just being her. I continue to be in awe of the way she thinks and her actions and how smart she is and how she knows how to react to things and just about everything that she does. I have learned to never take a single thing for granted. Nothing. Never.

So, I don't have an ending to my love story because our love for our angel, Elaina, is never-ending. Our story unfolds minute by minute and we are loving every second of it ! We just pray that we may be blessed to add a second volume to our story with another little angel to love !

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