Thursday, August 10, 2006

Good Student

Like every other mom, I truly believe that my child's intelligence is outstanding !

Here are some things that my one year old scholar has absorbed.

* When I sing the alphabet song to her (usually during bathtime and while driving) she bounces in her seat and tries to "hoot" along the tune.

* When asked to get her "book" or her "Binky" she can identify the name of the item and retrieve it

* She can tell you that doggies say, " woof" and a a kitty says, "meow-meow" and babies say, "didder, didder, didder" - One day, when she did that I thought it was cute and that's just how babies go!

* Upon posing a question to her, she will answer with a "yes" or a "no" - she is able to identify that we're requesting a yes or no answer. (I wish that people I work with were this smart ! )

* When asked to sit down, she obeys immediately. She may stand up soon after, but she does comply with my request time after time.

Elaina has always seemed so mature to me. I could swear that as an infant, I would hold her in my arms and talk to her and she knew everything I was saying to her. We mostly talked about how much mommy and daddy love her and that she is our angel from heaven. It just seems like she soaked in all of my conversation and returned all of our love for her by being the sweetest girl ever !

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