Thursday, August 31, 2006


I'm not sure why I did it. I'll never do it again. Not ever. No way.

Today, Eric joined the Pittsburgh Steelers for a lunch reception kicking off pre-season football. He headed to Pittsburgh early in the morning and stayed late for the 7:00 pm game. I, on the other hand, picked Elaina up from the babysitter's and took her to my chiropractor appointment with me. Thinking I was being a good mom, I packed her favorite books, her sippy cup and her binky. All good things for a little girl to enjoy while sitting in her stroller for 40 minutes, right ?

As much as I like my chiropractor, he has a tendency to run behind. I did my best to keep Elaina entertained during the 20 minutes that we had to wait and then, it happened. The doctor walked in and she began to cry. Did I say cry ? I meant nose running, tears-dripping screaming crying. I have to commend my doctor, father of two under 3 years old, who told me that it happens often and he had no problem with her crying. After my adjustment and stressing over her discontent, I apologized profusely and made my way out of there as fast as I could.

I'll take the blame. Lesson learned. I really should have called neighbor -Katie again to babysit. My mistake. Now I know.

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