Saturday, August 26, 2006

Getting There

In "getting there" I am referring to the fact that I am finally giving into admitting that there will be circumstances beyond our control that we will be leaving Elaina with a babysitter (other than Monday - Friday) and we will both be okay.

This morning I was invited to a baby shower brunch for my good friend, Jessica. Her guest list was fairly large and seating was already limited without children being invited. This was the perfect opportunity to break in a new babysitter. Our neighbor, Katie, whom I have babysat for in the past years and love, came over to watch Elaina for a couple of hours while I was at the shower. It just made sense; Katie is 14 and loves Elaina and is super cautious and responsible and is the big sister of two younger sisters. I don't really love leaving Elaina behind, but since the party was only 5 minutes from home, I would be close. Finally, I think it's good for Elaina to get used to someone other than myself or Nancy to watch her. All of this fit perfectly today in a two and a half hour window while I was out.

I arrived home to a smiling Elaina and a happy Katie and the toys all picked up in the living room. Katie commented that Elaina was a sweetheart and they had a good time together. I didn't have any doubts, but just have to say that this was a good experience for all of us.

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