Saturday, August 05, 2006

Shared Parenting

I need a break ! It seems like the summer is slipping away so fast and I can barely believe that it has already begun. ( Except for the ungodly heat wave in the 90's each day.)

With our community festival just around the corner ( next weekend), Eric and I have been busier than ever. We both volunteer our time to help out organizing the event, setting up, working booths and last but not least, cleaning up. This coming week is going to be filled with project after project and lots of organizing. Speaking for myself, I'm getting worn out. Oh yeah... and chasing after our precious one year old. And keeping the house clean. And 40 hour work weeks. And a couple hours of sleep now and then. So enough complaining !

This morning Eric assisted in cleaning out some trees from the canal and then worked on some outside projects at home. I entertained Elaina and we played the morning away. Once she went down for her nap, I got myself cleaned up and took the day off to do some shopping. This was my break and Eric's turn to look after the munchkin. Most often Elaina is a pretty good shopper (except during naptime !) but it's amazing how much running in and out of stores I can do without my 21 pound companion. I had time to browse in each store and actually make well thought out choices about what I was about to purchase rather than having only half of my attention focussed on the task at hand. In addition, it's not really fair to drag her from store to store and expect her just to sit there and not do anything. I get that part.

All in all, it was a pretty successful shopping trip and Elaina had every bit as good of time hanging out with her dear, old, dad. I think I shopped enough today that I am ready to drop !

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