Wednesday, August 09, 2006

More Proof !

Yep .... This is my baby girl !

Just in case you weren't quite convinced how similar Elaina's personality and traits reflect from Eric and myself, here is one more example.

At dinner tonight, Elaina enjoyed a 3 course meal of chicken strips, waffles with maple flavored butter and bananas to round it out . Mmm... (okay, desperate meal for a busy week.) Halfway into Elaina enjoying her meal, she decided that the chicken shouldn't really be touching the waffles. So, into the tray divider they went. She proceeded to sort all of her waffles away from the chicken very maticulously. Just the way she likes it. Her food shall not touch.

This doesn't seem strange to me at all. I'm a wee bit anal when it comes to organizing things and food not touching. I told you she was my girl !

** Disclaimer ** I promise you that this was not learned behavior and I have never taught her to do this. This was pure Elaina !

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Kate said...

Ahh-- but they watch. Colin eats food out of napkins like his weirdo Daddy and I don't remember any lessons for that!