Friday, August 11, 2006

Bring It On !

This weekend marks the busiest time of the year when Eric and I both volunteer our time to help organize and help out at our local town festival. A whole year worth of preparation and planning comes into fruition this weekend for our annual event. Needless to say, with our time occupied volunteering, that leaves little time to devote to our most valuable commitment, Elaina. Have no fear... Grandma and Grandpa are here ! Yeah !!

Grandma is all ready to lend a hand any way possible and is ready to fill the role as a short order cook at the drop of a hat, and do wake up calls with Elaina and bedtime stories and jammies. Grandpa serves as the dog groomer and playpal, chauffeur for stroller rides and a comfy lap to crash for hugs and rocking. Thanks mom and dad !

I spent my evening setting up booths, filling up balloons, selling cookies and making signs !! Eric's weekend commitment remains in the food stand; collecting money, serving food and cleaning up.
And they call this a "festival."

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