Thursday, August 10, 2006


It's true. Elaina is growing by leaps and bounds every single day. Every night this week she has been so tired from the minute Eric picks her up at the babysitter's house. She is used to one nap a day but, anymore, that doesn't seem to be enough. Today, I asked Nancy to lay Elaina down for an additional nap somewhere near the 3 o'clock hour. (Eric picks her up at 4) I don't like the fact that I'm missing out on quality play time with my favorite Stinkerbell. When I get home from work at 5 and Elaina is already running on empty, and goes to bed at 7:00 - I've only had two hours to spend with her. Oh yeah, and nearly an hour of that time is making dinner, eating and cleaning up ! What a stinky schedule this has become !

Hopefully, an extra nap a day will be enough to stretch our evenings together a little closer to the 9 o'clock hour. We'll see !!

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