Saturday, September 02, 2006

14 Months Old !

I've thought about quitting reporting Elaina's monthly accomplishments, but then I thought that this is the time that she is really learning new things everyday and doing so many more things. I can't quit. You can skip reading them, but I love that Elaina can compare these with her kids when she becomes a mom one day. ( You know, when she in her mid 20's ... I think about these things, you know ?)

So ... as a 13 month old, this is what Elaina has been up to :

* Learned to turn every light switch in the house on and off ; tries to say "on" and "off"
* Has become very particular about always placing ehr sippy cup in the proper hole on her highchair tray every last time
* Gives hugs and open mouth kisses
* Knows the sounds for a cat, dog and cow; can identify each
* New words : " more, " "hot" and " hat"
* Will follow directions when requested to get her book, binky or shoes
* She identifies her books by the title or key words from the book and will retrieve them
* Beginning to run when being chased by mommy or daddy; new game
* tooth count : 8 (4 top, 4 bottom) a few molars are in the works
* Will blow on food as I bring her plate to the table and says, "ott." Which is of course, "hot."
* Has begun to use a fork and spoon to feed herself; not consistent, but definately entertaining
* All of her warts have cleared up at the beginning of this month. So much for the 6-8 month norm... and I'm certainly not complaining.

As always, she is the greatest girl ever and this mommy and daddy couldn't be happier. Except if we had 3 of her !

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