Friday, September 01, 2006

Over the river and thru the woods ...

to Ma-ma's house we go !

Wild and Wonderful ... West Virginia !
Watch out West Virginia - here we come !

For this wonderful, long, Labor Day weekend, we headed to West Virginia for a long overdue visit with Eric's grandmother. She hadn't seen Elaina since last August and, obvioulsy, she's come a long, long way over the past year.

Our 3 hour drive went exceptionally well with Elaina sleeping 2/3 of the trip. When she awoke, she whimpered with her " feed-me !" yell and, luckily, we were already pulling into a Wendy's drive thru. A quick snack of frosty's and french fries made the duration of the trip happier for all of us.

Ma-ma was happy to see all of us and Elaina took to her immediately with a big hug. The remainder of the evening, we spent visiting until Mama rocked Elaina and herself to sleep !

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