Monday, September 11, 2006

Somebody is in trouble ...

I'm gonna have to say that it's Daddy who got in trouble tonight ! He offered to "watch" Elaina outside as he worked in the yard, while I cleaned up the dishes from dinner.

Upon seeing his little dirt-digger, he asked Elaina, " How can you get into the dirt so fast and eat it ? " Hahahahahaha .... has he ever met our one-year-old ? Umm.. any kid for that matter !He's crazy !

If you love Elaina like we love Elaina, please take a moment for the following prayer :

Dear God,
Please bless the dirt that Elaina ate and let it have been free from bugs, worms, parasites, feces, urine and everything else that her mother worries about. Please, Father, let her find many things more pleasing to her palate than dirt and that she'll never do this again. Amen.

Thank you !

Boy did she smell good after her bath !!

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