Friday, September 15, 2006

Girls' Getaway Weekend !

Today, the White's are all leaving town. Eric is headed to New York for a gun show and Elaina and I are driving to Indiana with a friend of mine and her daughter to see a close mutual friend of ours. Let the fun begin !

It's too bad that our morning didn't quite start off on the right foot. It all began last night when Elaina had a bout of baby-insomnia, otherwise known as restlessness. She was flopping around in her bed about midnight and began to cry on and off. Upon checking on her, she had a stinky diaper and was wide awake. While changing her diaper, I couldn't help to notice that all of her bottom looked sun-burned-bright-red. She cried and pleaded, "Mommy ! Mommy!" as I carefully wiped her and slathered her with Balmex. From that point on, she wanted to be held and comforted. I just couldn't put her down knowing that she was in pain. Our night was only growing longer by the minute and Eric needed to be up at 5 a.m. I pulled Elaina into bed with me in the spare bedroom and we both were finally able to get some rest between her popping up in bed to reposition.

After a rather sleepless night, I decided that I wouldn't be particularly useful at work and I still faced a 5 hour drive ahead of me. I called off work for the rest of the morning ( I had already scheduled my afternoon off) in attempt to get my day back on track. I ended up taking Elaina to the sitter's house for a few hours while I packed and took Keegan to the kennel and caught an hour long nap. Things were looking up ! I picked up Elaina, headed to pick up my friend, Bevin and her 17 month old daughter, Kelsey and we were off !

Our 5 hour drive went exceptionally well. We were headed to Carmel, Indiana to visit with our good friend, Patti and her husband Jason. They are about 4 months into their year- long-relocation for Jason's job. We made one stop along the way to stretch and recharge and got right back on the road. We arrived just past 8:00 the girls were ready to run wild. They went to bed easily and the big girls stayed up past midnight enjoying our slumber party over a glass of wine ! I have to say that I love my friends ! What a great evening !

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