Sunday, September 24, 2006

At Colin's House !

Today, Eric and I had the honor and pleasure as serving as Colin's godparents as he was baptised. The Methodist Church that he is a member of, is rather different from our long-time-traditional Catholic ceremony. It was much more relaxed and upbeat and much less conservative. Very different than what I am accustomed to, yet serving the same purpose to praise Our Lord. I did love that it was very personal and they all seemed to embrace Colin and gladly celebrated his special day.

And a special day it was. Greg and Kate invited their closest friends and family over to their house following the service for lunch and to spend time with their blessed boy. It was so much fun to see Colin and Elaina play together and check out all of Colin's fun toys that he enjoys being 6 months older than Elaina. Also, I glad to finally meet "the" Wesley that I read about from Kate's blog link. Despite his ever-so-cute- pictures on his blog, he's even cuter in person ! What a great time we all had; spending time with my sweet nephew who welcomed me with a cuddly bear hug, built-in friends and toys for Elaina, great food and spending time with my family ! All that and becoming Colin's godparents !

As you can tell, grandpa proved to be very popular as he fed the little "birdies" ice cream cake from his plate ! Yum !

God Bless You Colin !

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