Sunday, September 17, 2006

Home Again !

** Okay... so I happened to dig out my camera only once this whole weekend and happened to get only one picture when Elaina was being fussy. Of course. Patti, the natural beauty was fresh from the shower with wet hair as I asked her to pose with my little, sweet, Squirmy.

We're headed for home today. Bevin and I enjoyed the best visit ever with our friend, Patti and her husband, Jason. They were especially accomodating and lots of fun ! Our round trip 10 hour drive was well worth it to see our friend !

Our morning plan fell into place nicely with only one hitch, Elaina fell down the steps. Worse yet, I was right next to her when she fell and couldn't do a single thing to stop her. Miss Independent has recently decided that she is big enough to take on the stairs at home all by herself, despite her Mother's opposition. Patti and Jason have loads of stairs in 6-8 step sections. The bad news is that she fell from the 2nd step down; the good news is that she was perfectly fine and barely cried. I think that I was more of a freaked -out mess than she was. At this point, I have my fingers crossed that she will give it some more time before she's willing to try going down the stairs again - wherever she is.

We got our things packed and headed out the door just as the girls were ready for their morning naps. Three hours into our trip, we made only 1 stop at a Burger King restaurant with a lame playland to let the banshees run wild and grab a bite to eat. Our drive was flawless, uneventful and quiet - just perfect for our young company. After dropping Bevin and Kelsey off at home, Elaina and I arrived at our house around 6:30. Then the madness ensued. Elaina was ecstatic to be out of her carseat and getting into things and playing with her own toys again. Meanwhile, I unloaded the truck as fast as I could before we had to leave to pick up Keegan. Elaina had a fit when I tried to wrangle her little bootie back into the seat, despite my promise that it was only going to be a 20 minute trip this time. How do you reason with a 14 month old, asking that they believe you ? She calmed down soon after and Keegan was overjoyed that his mommy and sister came back to take him home.

Hopefully, we'll all get our schedules back to normal and I'll get all of our things put away one day soon. Regardless, we couldn't have asked for a better trip or even better friends !

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