Friday, September 08, 2006

One of THOSE days !

Oh ... how much do I love this time of year ! The beautiful crisp days that the concrete doesn't melt beneath your feet, the sun shining gloriously with the leaves beginning to change and the cool, evening air perfect for leaving the windows open. Aahh ... this is what I consider my perfect time of year !

Now, with that said, let's think about all of the other things that come our way ... we have football season, hunting season and Eric's part time job, which we affectionately refer to as "gun-show-season." Eric hasn't done a show in months and now is the time when things are going to be kicking into high gear with availibilty to do shows every weekend. (We've tried to put a cap on doing only 2 per month.) Early this morning, Eric fed Elaina breakfast, hugged and kissed his girls goodbye and headed for a show in Pennsylvania. Looks like a play weekend for Elaina and me.

We had made plans to meet my girlfriend and her 20 month old daughter for pizza. The girls were quite well behaved and so interested in each other that it was more than cute. They both tried to mimic one another's behavior - the good and the bad. Remember, "monkey-see-monkey-do ?" We had dinner with the monkeys !

After dinner, I was on a mission to find the locally published newspaper with our picture in it, taken at the fair. Because this paper is published weekly, it is sometimes scarce in the local stores. Elaina and I went to 3 stores before finding a single paper ... and we bought 4 of them. ( Grandparents - your copies are on their way ! )
*** Here's where the entertainment starts ***
As we were in Rite-Aid, the only store not sold out of newspapers, I decided that since Elaina was being so good, I would just take a few more minutes to browse the store. Upon finding a point of interest, with Elaina on my hip, I began to feel a very warm sensation at my side. Oh yeah ... she peed on me ! Her diaper must have just had the perfect gap for her to wet through it as if she were naked. Okay ... so we'll deal with this. I clung her a little tighter and we made our way to the checkout counter. Once we get to the front of the store, I discovered a line at the register, 4 customers deep. I continue to walk around trying to keep her attention, with Elaina in one arm and clutching 4 newspapers and a few other items between us. She decided that she had enough of helping mommy out and threw a bottle of lotion to the floor, breaking off the plastic base and lid. If you think about this for a minute, tell me how in the world can I pick that off the floor with my 30 pounds of loot in my arms ? Very carefully .... So I go to get a cart and put Elaina's wet bottom right in the seat (I'm sure it's dried by now- safe for another little wet butt) dumped my purchases in the cart and stood in line. It's our turn and my products aren't ringing up the right price. Price check please ! More waiting. Elaina had reached her maximum and began to grab for everything and squirm. I reached for an emergency lollipop from my purse and she grew sweeter by the second. On my way out of the store, Elaina dripped lollipop-spit onto my shoulder, lollipop "sticky" onto my hair and hers and she screamed as I peeled it out of her grip for the ride home.

Finally home, I gave her a bath and decided I may as well pop my stinky, sticky self in too. Without her bath seat, she yelled until she realized that mommy was right behind her. Way more cushiony than that old bath seat ! By this time, I could tell that her day was catching up with her and she had just had enough. It was definately bedtime. As I made ourselves comforatable in the recliner with the tv on, I realize that our relic television set no longer makes any noise. No volume, just picture. So we literally just "watched" tv. My whole 30 minutes of tv watching per day, just got foiled.

I realize that my day really could have been worse, but it was just too comical not to share. Eric arrived to his show safely and my beautiful daughter is sleeping like a baby. That's a good day in my book !
It's almost midnight and I have only a few things to do before I go to bed ... I have my fingers crossed that this day will pass without another flaw. Let the countdown begin -----

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