Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Day after day, Elaina continues to blow me away with how many words she picks up. Okay, I'll be the first to admit that her words are not perfectly pronounced, although it is plainly obvious that she knows what she is talking about and has the jist of the word. I guess that I don't know how long it should take a toddler to learn new words, but as far as I'm concerned, she is a quick learner. For example, when we had taken her to our dentist office appointment, she was fascinated by the colorful fish in the saltwater aquariums. Within minutes, she was pointing and saying, "Fsh ?" (Not a typo - she really just didn't pronounce an "i" sound within her word.)
I'm just going to have to be impressed because she is my daughter and I will never cease to be amazed by her.

Our standard bedtime routine is for me to cuddle Elaina in the recliner until she falls asleep. Sometimes she'll pop up, stalling to go to sleep and point to my nose, saying "nose" and pat her head, saying " hair." Depending on how tired she is or isn't, she'll sometimes say and point to her entire rundown of words she knows relating to her body parts.

The words that she is able to identify include : nose, eyes, mouth, ears, hair, belly button, feet, shoes, Keegan, Mommy, Daddy and Nanna
I love it when she copies us when she says, " Keegy, Go !" when Keegan begins to beg or get in her face. And she has been putting words together like crazy. She says, "Bye Dadda !" "Hi Keegan !" and we've been working on something that sounds close to "I love you." I only tell her that I love her about 187 times a day - I can't believe that she hasn't picked that up by now. So, she's not up to putting 3 words together quite yet ... her day (and mine) will come soon enough !

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