Saturday, September 02, 2006

Clowning Around

Can you spot the "real" clown in the above pictures ?

We took in plenty of entertainment on this beautiful, crisp day in West Virginia. The city of Charleston was celebrating the annual "Sternwheel Festival" on the river. We decided to head down to take in the sights and enjoy some lunch and free entertainment on the riverwalk. Once we had soaked in enough walking and fresh air and bad-for-you-fair-food-that-I-love-so-much, we made our way to the mall. On our way, we happened to pass a rather stylish clown who was making her way down to the event. Like a shutterbug mother, knowing it would make a great blog picture, I asked if she wouldn't mind posing with Elaina. She happily obliged and Elaina, surprisingly, went to her without a fuss. Once the clown had her in her arms, Elaina tried to ignore her and looked at us, wondering why we surrendered her into the arms of the lady with fluffy, pink hair and a nose as big and red as a cherry.

I have to confess that I do love mall in Charleston ! The three of us walked around for nearly 3 hours and finally wore Elaina out. With one foot kicked up on her stroller tray, she laid back and napped for almost an hour. We returned home to visit with more of Eric's family - aunt's and uncles and enjoyed a pleasant, relaxing evening together. We were all too pooped to do too much more. What a day !

***Editor's note***
The above picture of Elaina in the house was at the most fabulous toystore in the mall. The family is accepting donations to make her toyhouse a backyard reality. We have only $ 400 more to go and it's hers !!

Sooo joking .... I guess you have to know me better than that ! **smile**

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