Saturday, September 16, 2006

Shopped Till We Dropped !

Let the shopping commence !!

Just one more thing that I love about my girlfriends is that they like to shop every bit as much as I do ! This morning, Jason went out to pick up breakfast while we all got ourselves ready for the day and the girls took a morning nap. Shortly after, we were off for a shopping marathon ! The weather was beautiful to enjoy the shops at a nearby outdoor mall with fabulous stores. Both Elaina and Kelsey seem to be following in their mother's footsteps when it comes to shopping - they were very content for most of our browsing and even squeezed in a stroller-nap here and there. We decided on a late lunch and Elaina had reached her breaking point. She ate reasonably well, yet her table manners weren't anything worth sharing. Luckily, we had previously agreed on an intermission following lunch to go home and let the girls take a real nap. Also, we had to take some time to unload our purchases to free up some space in the truck.

The little girls napped for over an hour, meanwhile, the big girls decorated our cell phones with some serious sticker bling. (Yeah, we already know we aren't 16 - but it was fun !) Once the girls woke from their naps and our phones were sparkling like disco balls, we headed out to the real mall for Round 2 of shopping. This mall included very high end stores and seemed rather pretentious and expensive. In fact, when we were browsing in the Coach store, Elaina pulled a $358 handbag from the display, popped it over her arm, and said, "Bye-bye." As a mother, I couldn't be more proud - or scared ! Only joking, although it was very cute !

Again, the girls held up well in the mall and as we made our way to dinner at Champs restaurant. The food was excellent, the service was top-notch and the girls were about to fall out of their high-chairs-tired. Thank goodness, our evening was wrapping up. We went home, tucked the tired twosome into their beds and while Jason played the role as the babysitter, we headed out for Round 3: shopping at Meijer, our favorite 24 hour store. Truly, we were even wearing down as we headed out of the store with our purchases at midnight. I do believe that this could be the most shopping I have ever done in a day's time. Elaina set a new record for sure !

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