Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fumble and Miss !


This evening, Eric, Elaina and I drove to Akron for our scheduled 6 month check- up- dentist appointments The office staff was so accommodating to us and happy to see our big one year old. They all remembered the last time we were there when she was just little, as she sat in her infant carrier. This time, Elaina entertained herself playing in the the little toy house/ cubby watching cartoons and reading some new books. She did great. The hygenist even picked out a special pink, kid-sized toothbrush, just for Elaina. As I was thanking her for the new toothbrush, I told her how I hadn't yet bought an actual toothbrush still been using a finger brush to do Elaina's teeth and that she bites down on my finger when I do this. The receptionist boldly asked Elaina, " Do you bite your mommy's finger ?" To which Elaina happily said, "yeeaah !" It was so funny ! I'm not entirely sure that Elaina understood the question, but her truthful answer was right on cue !

Since our dentist's office is directly across the street from the mall, we decided to schedule an appointment with one of the photo places for a professional portrait. Actually, a coupon for a free 8x10 photo is what sparked our attention for a candid pose of our favorite cheerleader. We knew that we were taking a gamble since our appointment was reaching close to her regular bedtime and we didn't really expect her full cooperation. And it was cooperation that we didn't get. Elaina was way too busy to stand still for even a moment. She wasn't particularly bad, she just wasn't in the mood for posing. Regardless, we didn't have anything to lose. So, the above picture was the best we could get away with. And "free" -made it even better. We love it anyhow and GO STEELERS !

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