Sunday, September 10, 2006

Elaina's Masterpiece

Needless to say, Elaina had a little difficulty falling asleep at naptime today. She was obviously tired and an entire hour had passed since her usual naptime, so I lay her in her crib with her lullabies on for her to fall asleep. Not.

I was downstairs and heard an eerie thud, thud, thud and couldn't place where the sound was coming from except for upstairs. I rushed up the steps, scared to death what was going on with my baby up there only to find a happy Elaina, laying on her back, binkies in both hands and mouth, kicking on her crib rail. After she had re-decorated her crib apparently. I could only laugh. That's my sweet, little clown !

Just for the record, Elaina never really did take a decent nap today. She caught about 30 minutes on the way to the mall and did surprisingly alright throughout our shopping trip. Amazingly, I even got Round 2 completed which involved going grocery shopping. It sure made for a tired girl by the time 8:00 rolled around. Night night !

*** Elaina learned how to say banana today. It sounds something like this : " dnbdnanah." I'm gonna have to say that counts !

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