Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Little Packer

Tonight Eric had to leave home, headed for Youngstown to teach a class for the next 2 days. Since he has to be on time early in the morning, it just made sense for him to stay over the night before. He waited until Elaina's bedtime before leaving as not to miss another day away from his Princess. We spent the evening together playing and reading books and helping daddy pack his bag. Elaina thought this was a great activity as she rummaged through our room looking for things to put into daddy's bag. As far as Elaina was concerned, he would need some books, binkies, size 4 Elaina shoes and an armful of feminine hygiene products. (Okay - that may be a little embarassing to post on my blog - but it was really funny !)

She was a dedicated little packer and probably didn't understand that daddy was actually going to be away from home, but she sure had fun loading his bag with goodies ! What a good girl !

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