Friday, September 29, 2006

Binky vs. Binky-Baby

Does it look like Elaina made a new friend ? This 26 pound bundle of joy belongs to our friends who coddle their coon just like a baby. (That's more than Elaina weighs, by the way.)

We had gone out for dinner tonight at our regular, local pizza place and ran into some friends just finishing their dinner. As we were talking, and discussing Elaina's "binky addiction" they invited us out to see their "Binky." Binky is the name of their raccoon ! They have had him since he was just a baby, abondoned by his mom and they've bottle fed him and raised him as a pet. Let me just tell you that Binky has quite the life. He lives in a mansion by raccoon standards. He has indoor and outdoor dwelling areas, a tire swing, fish pond (with waterfall) to catch his dessert, a three story abode to fit his mood, a tunnel, and 2 ladders to climb ! Come on ! Does this coon have it made or what ?

Elaina was very interested in Binky as Binky only wanted to share his friendship (note his extended paw.) We spent the remainder of the evening visiting as Elaina fell asleep in my arms, still attached to her favorite binky of all !

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Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie, Hope you get this comment on the Binkies from grandpa. I trust you remember the raccoon we had for about 7 years, took him camping with us and al that fun stuff. When Stanley went to veterinarian school, he gave him to some of our friends who had 4 boys, but the coon got away the first night they had him, never to be seen again.