Thursday, September 28, 2006


Come on ... Seriously .... Are you kidding me ?

So let's just rewind for a minute. After spending a wonderful day in Columbus with my family for Colin's baptism on Sunday, I get a call from my brother saying, " You're gonna hate this - but I think that Colin may have pink eye." Oh. You mean the same sweet, happy, little Colin that Elaina just spent the day playing with ? Yeah. Great.

So, I tell my brother, "No big deal - if she's going to get it, she's going to get it. She had a great day and there's really no use worrying until we know for sure."

Fast forward... I get a call from my mom tonight and she tells me that Colin definately has pink eye. Poor guy ! He's got prescription eyedrops and he's recovering. At this point, I'm thinking that pink eye is generally very contagious and that she would have expressed symptoms by now if she had picked it up from him. I think that we might be in the clear. Thank you Lord !

Moving on ... when I went to pick Elaina up from the babysitter's house today, she tells me that one of the other kids has a full-blown case of the chicken pox ! Chicken pox ? Pink eye ? Are you kidding me ? So, okay, no use in worrying, she'd be getting both eventually at some point or another. I guess that neither of these just really crossed my mind so early on . Let me just top this off by saying that I have suffering miserably with horrible allergies and a sore throat (as you can see, my entries haven't been very consistent) and most often that turns into a cold for me at the drop of a hat. I could be yet another petrie dish of infection for my own daughter. A triple whammy of crud for my sweet baby ! Ugh.

Be sure to stay tuned to hear how the "every-bad-germ-infection-for-kids-plague" affects our family in the coming days ! In the meantime, I'll be disinfecting everywhere in the house, washing Elaina's hands to no end and she'll be in a quarantined lockdown.

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Greg said...

If Elaina doesn't have pink eye yet, she won't get it. It shows up within three days after exposure.

Speaking of being exposed, it sounds like we were all exposed to the same cold germs. Kate, Colin and I have all been suffering from that same horrible sore throat ailment for three days now.