Sunday, December 17, 2006

Capturing Christmas

Smile Pretty ....

Okay ... please tell me how people are able to get such cute Christmas pictures of their adorable little lovelies so easily ? I'm baffled. Maybe they are just offering better bribes to their children. After suiting up said "lovely" in their best Christmas- picture- clothes, fixing hair, wiping food from their cheeks and dried snot from their nose and still having the nerve to expect them to sit still for a casual pose for the camera ? Tell me please !!
Elaina and I have enjoyed a great weekend visiting with Grandma and Grandpa H. We had lots of fun and Elaina soaked in her share of warm hugs and kisses. There was one condition that grandma and grandpa were going to be able to leave our house - I had recruited them to help out with Elaina's Christmas picture. Go ahead and say it ... " she doesn't have her cards out yet ? What is she waiting on ?" Oh, I can just hear it said out loud... that's because those were Eric's exact words too ! Well - my intention was 2 weeks ago, until Elaina had the throw up flu. She's a beautiful baby, I must say, but she was a cling machine for the majority of the weekend and when she was feeling well, she wasn't into just sitting calmly for any posing. The past week, Eric and I have been passing like ships in the night and I can't even recall a conversation between us that has lasted more than 3 minutes. Trust me when I tell you that it's a team effort when it comes to picture taking anymore. Elaina would much rather be behind the camera viewing herself in the little magic box on the back of the camera. Anytime I pull out the camera, she runs toward me to see herself. Aacck ! No, no, no .... go over there and put that cute smile on your face again. She doesn't get that part !

So, back to this Christmas picture. I am feeling more embarrassed with each and every incoming Christmas card from our friends and family. And then... there's me. A super-mom-wannabe who tries her best to be on top of things like this. Yet, a sweet-smiling-Elaina-Christmas card does not yet exist. Sorry. How does everyone feel about Happy New Year's cards ? A new trend ? Of course I wish a merry Christmas to everyone I know, but that's just a wish for one day. Wouldn't it be something if we sent our best regards for a whole year of good wishes ? Think about that one ! Bottom line : we're getting there.
Here are just some examples of why it takes three people to pose a 17 month-old :

Cute, but not exceptionally clear. Care to re-enact the same pose ? Not on your life !

Umm ... hello ? We were taking pictures you know ?

Since Elaina likes "mecey" (medicine) so much, my mom brilliantly filled her dropper with apple juice and fed her like a bird. Nice bribe.

A strong contender to make the cut... alas, it's off center so wouldn't do. Brat Face.

My recruits: the Bribe Captain and Christmas Jester. (a.k.a. Grammy and Pop-Pop)

And for the grand finale ... the winning entry... the best Christmas pose of 2006... featuring Miss Elaina Rose... Bup-ba-da-dah :

You can expect your Christmas cards in the mail by the second week of March. Happy New Year !

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