Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Just along for the ride !

You know what's great about Chirstmas being over ? After Christmas sales ! Do you know who got out to the stores to do some shopping ? Elaina ! Not her dear, old mom holding down her desk at work. Nope. Elaina spent the day shopping with Nancy (her babysitter) and her two adult daughters who know that Elaina is treated and considered like their step-sister. Lucky for her, they love her too.

All I know is that when I arrived home at 5:00, Eric was taking a nap on the sofa and Elaina was no where to be found. Before I got too panic-stricken, Eric told me that Elaina was still out shopping and Jessica would be bringing her home soon. Jessica is one of Nancy's daughters whom I've gotten to know well and become great friends with. I absolutely trust her and know that Elaina was in good hands. About 5:30, Jessica delivers Elaina home to us and tells us about their day out. As Jessica relays how well-behaved Elaina was all day, Elaina, in the meantime was clinging onto me with big smiles and even bigger squeezy hugs. Jessica told us that they ate lunch at Chik-Fil-A, stopped at Wendy's to get her some yogurt, bought some goldfish crackers for a snack and shopped all over in between. Her older sister with two kids, one of which is one month older than Elaina, reportedly said that if her kids were as well behaved as Elaina while shopping, she would never be able to leave the mall and she'd be broke. I guess they don't know that Elaina has been a good shopper all of her life. Although not by genetics, Elaina is so much my girl ! I was glad to have her home and glad to hear that she had such a great day !! Her squeezy hugs were better for me than any sale at any store !

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