Sunday, December 03, 2006

The World is My Stage

My child the clown. Oh yes, Elaina is developing the most fun and silly sense of humor.

We giggle together over peek-a-boo ( what kid doesn't love that game ? ) She laughs at jokes, not even knowing what a joke is. She does her little deep, throaty- little laughter when something on TV strikes her as funny. Like on Jack's Big Music Show when Jack's dog, Mel began to meow like a cat. Pure comedy ! I love her her squealy laughter and that she interacts so appropriately. (with the exception of sharing crayons and some other minor details)

With this said, I shouldn't be surprised that she is able to entertain herself just fine in her 17 month old world. One of her favorite games continues to be what I call, "Path of Destruction."

Seriously, WHY is this game fun ? She loves to unload her pajamas from her dresser drawer and take them for an evening walk. Sometimes she'll drag them across her bedroom to her beanbag chair for them to "rest." Other times, they make their way down the hallway into the spare bedroom. What gives ? She usually complies with my request for her to gather up her jammies and put them back into her drawer which pleases my Type A personality immensely. I've gotten to the point that I don't even bother to fold her jammies any more. I never, ever thought I could deal with clothes not lying in a neat stack until my little Sugarplum devised her own system for her clothes. I conceded. Elaina is welcome to walk her clothes anytime if that's what it takes to make her happy. She does, however, know that she is limited to that one and only drawer to scatter. My "Type A" does have limitations !

As I mentioned previously, she is really into spinning around in circles as in, Ring Around the Rosey. Tonight, she was able to take her spinning talent to a whole new level. Atop The Wrapping Paper Tote ! ( please allow me to be the first to point out all of the dust and attic debris on the lid that I'm allowing my child to prance upon. ) In the process of Eric bringing down all of our Christmas decorations, Elaina found a "stage." She's been tapping her feet on the lid and spinning in circles, with her stepping feet playing the rhythm. I do love that in order for her to make an all out spin, she puts her little arms out in front of her, Frankenstein style, and turns around. So cute ! She's really going to bummed when we actually make it through the process of unloading all-things-Christmas and the wrapping paper tote is forced back into the attic to gather more dust.

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