Saturday, December 02, 2006

Movie Buff

Thanks Dora ! Thanks Polar Express ! We love you ! Come back anytime !

With the help of the Dora the Explorer movie and The Polar Express movies that we had previously recorded, I was able to do some holiday decorating all by myself. This was an incredible task as Elaina sat happily tuned into Dora the Explorer, helping Dora to return friendship bracelets to have friendship day around the world.

Impressive ! She generally likes all of the programs on Noggin, but hardly ever sits, quietly tuned into a show for the duration. Yet, today, maybe I was just a bore or she was especially sleepy, but regardless, the Dora movie captivated her attention for about 30 uninterrupted minutes. Just for the record, that hasn't happened before. (Her very first movie she ever "watched" was Jaws III when she was a day old in the hospital room ! Limited selection to say the least.) I had previously rented the Curious George movie for her when she was sick and we lay in bed together to watch it, but I think I was more entertained while she was feeling miserable. (Great movie by the way !! ) I'd have to say that she liked it just well enough not to fall asleep. Perhaps my timing was off. Other than that, she is usually happier to sit and enjoy a good book with a willing reader. That's fine by me !

We concluded our evening by watching our pre-recorded Polar Express movie. She was dog-tired, but she was absolutely glued to the action before her. We watched the first hour together, wrapped in a blanket, snuggled in the recliner until I realized that she really needed to go to sleep. I switched out Polar Express for the DVR'd, Two & a Half Men and that was plenty to bore her to sleep. ( God love DVR !! )

I think that Elaina is getting to the point where her attention span is getting longer and she is able to soak in action and entertainment much easier. She's been enjoying some new shows and I enjoyed some chase -free time to decorate. Good little tip to have on hand for the busy days ahead !

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