Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Santa's Workshop

I'm just going to be brief ...

Eric wrapped a million presents last night while I did Christmas cards ! Let's hear it for team effort !! Whoo- hoo !!

I prepped each box with tissue paper and a label and Eric did all of the wrapping. Lucky for him, he finished just in time to help me seal and stamp our- way- overdue-almost-embarrassed-to-send-Christmas cards. Bedtime : 1:15 a.m. Now, I just have to hope that one of Santa's elves will be along to fancy these gifts up with some sparkly bows and ribbons !

See for yourself -

(It's not quite obvious from these pictures how deep these stacks actually are. Like mountains !)

Whew ... what a relief. I just hope everyone enjoys their gifts. Ultimately, that's what makes it worth every bit of effort and being able to deal with the maxed out Visa card and blistered feet. ( Maybe I should have picked up a new pair of shoes for myself. Santa ? Do you happen to read my blog ? )

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