Thursday, December 14, 2006

How did I forget about Monday ?

As my loyal readers may have noticed, I've been a little inconsistent and tardy with my blogging lately. My apologies to all 5 of you.

So how about Monday you ask ? Oh yeah, I'll tell you about Monday. It stunk. After a long weekend of trying to get Elaina on the road to recovery, I just really wanted the upcoming week to go smoothly and sit back and enjoy my healthy family. Apparently, Eric's name was missing from the "healthy family" list for this week. My dear, sweet husband who had been working out of town all weekend long, finally arrives home at 11p.m. and announces that he doesn't feel very well. Uh oh. I knew exactly what he was in for. He assured me that it was probably something that he ate and he would just "sleep it off." ( In the back of my mind, I gave him a big "Yeah, Right! " )

That brings us to the next morning, thee "Monday morning." Eric gets up and drags himself through the shower still saying he's not feeling well. I kick myself into high gear, knowing that I'll be the one to ultimately get Elaina fed and dressed. In the meantime, Eric gets out of the shower and crashes back onto the foot of the bed, unable to move. He can only moan. He has the flu. Whoa, I must be psychic !

Obviously, he took the day off work and didn't even make an appearance downstairs until 6:00 that evening. Would somebody please get some wood and begin to knock ? Am I going to be next to be plagued with this debilitating crud, called the "flu ?"

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