Monday, December 18, 2006

Crunch Time

So many things I'd love to be crunching on right about now ... a fresh bag of Doritos, a sugary sweet bowl of cereal or even a bland, unflavored rice cake ... anything would be better than the last minute rush of getting ready for the holidays ! We're exactly one week away from Christmas.

There are at least 7 million and 8 things that need to be done at our house within the next 2 weeks, I feel like I'm running in circles trying to figure out where to begin. It seems as though we held a pretty successful New Year's Eve party last year that our previous guests have been inquiring as to if we are having another this year. I love having company over and it's been soooo long since we've had even a casual Saturday-night-kinda-hang-out-night with our friends. After a short discussion, we decided that we could juggle another commitment before the end of this year. Sure - why not ? Let's just see if we can get a handle on this whole Christmas thing first.

Being my neurotic, anal, plan-o-holic self, I was in the middle of outlining all of the necessary things we needed to accomplish this week before leaving for the weekend. Just as I was reeling him in, our friend, Ryan comes over to shoot a few games of pool with Eric. Ryan is a good friend of ours and we hadn't even seen so much as a glimpse of him in the past several months. There goes tonight's agenda. Funny as it seems, he wasn't all about helping us to wrap our own Christmas gifts since he hasn't even begun his shopping. We'll just throw tonight's line-up onto another day. Who needs to sleep anyhow ?

Just for getting this far in my pathetic whine, here's a sweet picture of Stinkerbell to have made it worth your while.

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Kelsey said...


We LOVE that snack trap cup. Harper's is the same as Elaina's. (I don't know why I got so excited about that.)

Good luck getting everything accomplished. We are feeling the crunch too, especially since we all had the flu last week.

Elaina is sweeter-looking every day. Have a fun Christmas with her!