Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Okay ?

It's fun to learn a little lesson from your toddler every now and then. Elaina has brought to my attention that I tend to overuse the word "okay?" Okay.

It's just that Elaina has a mom who really wants everything to be okay all of the time. I want her to feel okay and look okay and listen to me, okay ? I don't think that's unreasonable at any stretch of the imagination, do you ? And isn't it okay that I want things to go okay and that I ask Elaina to be patient for just one minute, okay ?

Okay .... I get it already ! Hello Mommy - wake up call from your 17 month-old. Things are OKAY ! Elaina has taken up the habit of walking around with her toy phone pressed to her ear in a thoughtful conversation jabbering a random "Mmhmmm. Okay. Okay, mmhmm. Jabber, jabber, okay ? " She'll pile her books on the floor and thumb through each one muttering, "okay. okay. okay."

Okay, I'm a little bit embarassed and I am trying to work through my overuse of that particular word that I dare not mention one more time, alright ?

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