Friday, December 15, 2006

Lucky Granddaughter

What a lucky girl Elaina is ... both sets of grandparents have come to visit two weekends in a row. Sounds like she's a pretty special granddaughter if you ask me !

My parents arrived last night to visit for the weekend. Eric is out of town for yet, another gun show and I definately enjoy the company and a few spare hands offering help. Grandma and Grandpa H. got to our house shortly after 8 p.m. Although that's approximately the time I aim to have Elaina settling in for bedtime, we obviously made an exception for her to wait up for Grammy and Pop-Pop. She yelled out immediately for Pop-Pop and welcomed him with at least a 5 minute long melty-hug. ( a melty hug is the best, when she just melts against you ! ) Around 9:00 she must have gotten her second wind because she was showing off and performing like a monkey on speed. She spun in circles to an imaginary tune so many times that I was nearly nauseated-dizzy from watching her. She climbed up and down her slide for the better part of a half hour and, with each trip down, she held her arms in the air in a "Dah !" ( Which is Elaina's version of "Tah-Dah !") All of us were tired, yet so entertained we couldn't help but to crack up at our little clown performer. I finally bribed her with a binky ( I knew it was good for something ) to sit on my lap for some down-time until she finally wound herself down long enough to sit still and fall asleep. Sounds like she has plenty of entertainment in store for her grandparents this weekend with a great show opener like that one !

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