Thursday, December 14, 2006

Surviving Thursday

As I dropped Elaina off this morning, I shared a re-cap of our night with Nancy and cautioned her that she may be a crankbutt sooner than later because she's only had 4 hours of sleep. I dragged myself into work to do as little as I could which required full brain function. I turned in my sick slip and left at lunch time. I felt that it would be in my best interest to split the day so I didn't have to use too much of my sick time and I would still be able to pick up Elaina at 4:00 like Eric usually does.

Eric still hadn't left for his show when I arrived at home. We enjoyed some down time together as I ate a quick lunch and briefly discussed our nocturnal child. I headed up to bed for a couple hours of catch-up sleep and Eric got on the road. In case you were wondering, he did manage to squeeze in a couple of hours of sleep after Elaina and I left this morning.

I picked Elaina up a little bit before 4:00 and was informed that Stinkerbell had only taken her usual 90 minute nap today. When we got home, she was obviously tired and was even stumbling and falling down in her misery. Mean 'ol Mommy seemed to lack sympathy for her beloved tonight. I snuggled with her for a while but had no intention of letting her take a nap before bedtime tonight. She ate a good dinner, took a bath and fell asleep after only 3 books. 8:00 - Now that's more like it !

Let's hope she never gets a bout of insomnia again under my roof ! That was really no fun.

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