Monday, December 04, 2006

Scream at You Next Year !

Suffice to say that Elaina isn't a big fan of Mr. Claus this year.

Our little town was lucky enough to host a visit from Santa during his busy holiday schedule so he could catch up with all of his favorite good little boys and girls. He arrived at the firehouse at 7:30 sharp, ready to see his friends. Santa was especially anxious to see Elaina since last year's visit and let her know that her name has been at the top of his "nice" list. Prior to meeting with Santa Claus, we spent a fair amount of time viewing pictures of Santa holding "Baby Elaina" last year. Elaina and I talked about what he would look like, how his suit and hat were red and that he had a white beard, and that Mommy loves Elaina, Dadda and Santa. I really did my best to spark some excitement into our little PipSqueak. After our final talk before heading out the door, I asked Elaina if she was ready to see Santa to which she clearly replied, "NO !" and buried her head into my chest. Oh great.

After a long wait in line to see the Big Guy, it was finally our turn. This picture is evidence of Round 1 - with daddy's assistance.

( Do you love the expression on Santa's face ? :- ))) He really was very patient, despite the rolled eyes. )

So .......... she didn't really care for the man in red, regardless that he had belly that shook like a bowl full of jelly. We took a break to visit with some friends and enjoy some cookies and punch (Santa's favorite ! ) and when there was no one in line, we started in for a closer look. He must have looked larger than life sitting upon his metal office chair thrown accented with a sheer, white plastic-with-the-folds-still-in-it-table-covering backdrop. Elaina wasn't having any of it. Apparently, she was willing to forfeit her wish list to escape any direct contact with Santa. Santa willingly offered me a seat on his lap to help to ease Elaina's anxiety. ( Funny - he didn't make the same offer to Eric ? ) Still a no go. I wish I had gotten a picture of her little, dirt footprints across my khaki cords. She was fighting like an elf tied to the end of a ping- pong paddle. We moved on. Round 2 - unsuccessful.
The rest of our time at the firehouse, I mean, "Santa's Magical Winter Wonderland Kingdom", we spent munching on more cookies and punch and graciously accepting kind compliments of our little beauty.

Elaina, of course, was most happy in her daddy's arms. Lucky for her, this daddy is wrapped around her little finger and will make sure that Santa brings plenty of great loot for underneath our Christmas tree this year.

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