Tuesday, December 05, 2006

New Record

My personal best record yet ... 32 years and still counting. Today I turn the big 3-2.

You know how people say that they "forget" how old they are ? I didn't put much merit into that being factual, as if it could really happen. Well, that was until I learned that I was about to turn 32. You see, when I called to wish my brother a happy birthday, back in October, he told me that he was now 34. What ? 34 did you say ? Well... then... that makes ME 31 already ! No chance of that happening twice now is there ?

Okay people, when you say that you forget how old you are sometimes, I'll just have to say that I believe you now ! I can't say that I am unhappy about being older. It's another year that I survived. It's another milestone in which to mature, grow and learn. It's a celebration that God has allowed me 32 years on this earth that I am able to continue to seek out my life's purpose.

So, how does a 32 year old celebrate ? Minimally.

My mom took time out of her work day to call and wish me a happy birthday while I trudged through my stack 'o work at my desk. I welcomed a that break in my morning and loved the surprise phone call at work. I treated myself to using the remainder of my personal time to leave work early and do some shopping before a follow up doctor visit and then dinner with Eric and Elaina. I chose to go to a Chinese buffet that we have liked very well in the past. Tonight's meal was enough to deter us from ever going back. The food that was supposed to be hot didn't quite feel hot enough and the colds, weren't especially cold. Not so appealing. The thought of stomach cramps and food poisoning for my birthday was enough to send me away still hungry. I thought a buffet would allow us to get in and out quickly and offer plenty of options for Elaina to try. Not to mention that I love Chinese food. Elaina wasn't particular hungry and ate graham crackers, chocolate pudding and some of Dadda's ice cream. Now that's one girl who knows how to celebrate a birthday dinner !

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Kelsey said...

Happy birthday Laura!