Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Fitting In

This is the activity desk that Elaina's Grandma and Grandpa W. had gotten her for Christmas ! Elaina loves it ! She loves her little seat, she loves that she has a place to scribble and color on her papers and it even has a place for her sippy ! What could be better ? Since she's gotten her new desk, she hasn't been dragging her coloring pages around the house, trying to color on any and every flat, solid surface. She's been fairly good about not coloring on walls, furniture, etc. but now, she has her very own little space to be creative and keep her art supplies. No matter that she dumps her crayons on the floor at least 4 times each night. Apparently, she can find the color she wants more easily that way.

Last night, after Elaina was in bed, Eric and I spent the bulk of our evening making our new Christmas gifts a part of our home. We filled toys with batteries, hooked up electronics, hung some wall decorations, made room in bookcases and found homes for all things old and new. I'm anxious to see how our house comes together when all the Christmas decorations come down. It's pretty for a month, but I like to see it put away just as well !

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