Thursday, December 14, 2006

Practice Makes Perfect

So what if I'm a present-pushover ? It's always been a problem of mine ... I don't like the look of wrapped presents, unless I know what's in them ! And I don't really love surprises either, unless I know it's coming. Go ahead and say I'm no fun. I just like to plan my fun in a particular order. It's a disorder I was born with.

Back in my day, (I'll have to remember to delete this post before Elaina learns to read) Santa would bring presents before Christmas and lay them beneath the tree. Almost every Christmas, I would enlist a friend to spend the night, thus having my slumber party in the same room as the Christmas tree. After everyone was asleep, we would take the sharpest knife from the kitchen and slice the tape from my presents to see what was inside. My friend had the all important task of measuring the length of the tape to piece exactly onto where the presents' incision was made. I can just about hear the Mission Impossible theme song as I recollect. I would plan my reaction the night before as my present to my folks. On Christmas morning, I always knew what order I wanted my gifts... I always reached in for the king-supreme gift first ! Surprise ! I love it !!

So that leads me to today. My Aunt Jan and Uncle Stan, (who I love) would alway and I mean always, send a box loaded with Christmas gifts in the mail like 2 weeks before Christmas. It killed me that my parents wouldn't open that box until Christmas morning ! Aghh !! No cheating ! They were always great gifts and I was always surprised, believe it or not. Now that we are so much older, it's entirely more fun to buy for Elaina and Great- Aunt Jan and Uncle Stan have continued the tradition of sending Christmas gifts in the mail for baby girl. Since no one is around to tell me otherwise and they didn't send instructions to wait until Christmas, I sorta let Elaina open one of her presents early. Hey, Christmas is just around the corner and she'll need to keep up as the youngest one on both sides of the family.

For the record, she loved her barnyard Little People and it's really nobody's business if the tape was sliced open on her other presents or not. No one will ever know for sure and Elaina isn't about to tell.

Thanks Aunt Jan and Uncle Stan - we'll be looking forward to opening the rest soon. (Trust me on the soon part ! )

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